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Erasmus+ - Strategic Partnership Project "QualiProSH Electro" - Business field specific qualification for the Second-Hand sector "Specialist for used electrical appliance"

Within the framework of the project „QualiProSH Electro" should be developed basing on the results of the previous projects "QualiProSecondHand" and "QualiProSH II" a European qualification concept "Specialist for used electrical appliance" for the Second-Hand sector in cooperation with 5 European countries (Germany, Austria, Finland, Slovenia and Bulgaria). It should be adapted and tested with the target group “employees / qualifier in the Second-Hand sector” and implemented in a sustainable way. As a basis for the development of the qualification serve both the work process related analysis results of the previous project and on the other hand the already developed qualification modules and their structure as well as complementary products such as quality standards, tools for competence identification and quality check that were developed in the project "QualiProSH II". Read more